Gold Mic Interviews
Gold Mic Interviews is a video series hosted by Ausüal to showcase peripheral artists to assist in gaining exposure through engaging short and long-form content. But this isn’t your ordinary interview; it’s a self-conducted journey.

Why? Because we believe in giving the artist, the creator, and the visionary the microphone. We’re all about hearing unique narratives – the humorous anecdotes, the poignant memories, and even the offbeat, intriguing musings that make an artist; well, an artist.

Join us as we embark on an adventure of self-expression and discovery, redefining the way stories are told, and music is celebrated.

Are you ready to step into the spotlight on our prestigious Gold Mic Interviews?

With the exorbitant amount of money the labels have, it is almost impossible to compete. But we are here to change the narrative…
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